The perks of a sister

I always knew I wanted more than one child. I’m from a large family; so are my parents, so I’ve been surrounded by siblings and cousins my entire life. Thankfully, my husband is also from a larger family and has always been on board with having more than just one or two. We agreed we wanted to give our kids the experience of brothers or sisters, but it’s been even more amazing than I thought.

When we found out we were having a second daughter, I was beyond thrilled. I have two older sisters and one younger, so the reality of having two girls close in age was so special to me. I immediately decided they would be best friends for life.

And somehow, they are already.

There are a myriad reasons why siblings are amazing, but here’s a few of my favorite things about these two gals of mine.

  1. They make each other laugh

Seriously. These girls and their giggles. Sometimes it’s my oldest doing something ridiculous that will send the younger into fits of laughter. Sometimes the little one will babble incoherently but to her big sister, it’s the funniest joke in the world.

Too often I am caught up in the daily to-do list, and I forget to be silly or make room for fun. I am incredibly thankful that my girls frequently give each other the gift of laughter.

2. They keep each other occupied

I know, I know – this is purely selfish on my part. Who doesn’t want their kids to play nicely together for five minutes so they can take a shower without someone peeking around the curtain?

But even beyond that, I’ve been so blessed by how my older girl will often invite her little sister into her play. Sometimes it’s too frequently, and she’ll get annoyed that the younger has ideas of her own. Most of the time, however, they happily knock down each other’s block towers, take turns being the doctor and patient, share books or even just chase each other around the kitchen table (this happens at least twice a day).

3. They learn compassion and empathy

Of course I’m never happy when one of them hurts the other, whether physically or emotionally. But an upside to even these interactions is that these girls are quickly learning to say sorry, give hugs, and be more aware of the other next time. Without any formal lessons, they’re teaching each other to share, to wait more patiently, to cater to the other’s needs.

It melts my heart every time Mabel will toddle over to the kitchen drawer and pull out a snack for herself, and also one for her big sister. I love when Cadence will ask about her younger friend, wondering if she’s okay after a fall or smothering her with kisses after a nap.


Sure, I had moments of anxiety about adding a second child to our home, saddened by the thought of losing all the precious one-on-one time I had with our first. I wondered if it would too hard to mother them both, too challenging for them to accept – much less appreciate – each other. And some days I want to corral them into separate rooms to avoid any more crying or fighting.

Most days, though, and usually more than once a day, I’m reminded of how grateful I am that these girls have each other. Sisters are so sweet.

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  1. Wilma says:

    Great read Sheryl ,I never had a sister ,but some of the in laws made up for it ,I loved your pictures of your addition ,great visit with mom and dad this week, love aunt Wilma!

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