Thankful for my Girls

Yesterday I had the privilege of driving my daughter-in-law to Montpelier, Vermont, and back. Eight hours in a van together. I’m not going to lie, I was slightly nervous about that much time alone, just sitting, doing nothing. I wondered if we would have enough to talk about. Would it be awkward? I even put a stack of cd’s in the van, just in case.

I had nothing to worry about. 

We talked nonstop. I think we would have talked nonstop even if the trip had been eight hours one way. We talked about nothing and everything. Little, not so important things and big, very important things. We chatted and laughed and even prayed a little.

Today I woke up so grateful for the gift it is to be friends with my dear daughters-in-law. I have always heard, and to be completely honest, hated the saying, “A daughter’s a daughter for life, but a son’s a son until he takes a wife.” After all, I have five sons! I truly was afraid that someday, my boys would marry and that would be that.  How wrong I was.

I gained two daughters when my sons married. Both of “my girls” are truly my friends. They are a joy to be with. We can laugh and be silly, and we can cry together when we need to. We can talk about things the boys would never understand or care about.  What a blessing to be not just the mother-in-law, but the friend to these two beautiful girls.

This stage in my life came so quickly, but you know what? It’s pretty wonderful!  So, today I am thankful for my girls.

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