An open letter to kids’ church workers

Dear children’s pastor,

You – and your team – are the reason we go to church.

This is a tough season. Three young kids, who all prefer to stay close to mom rather than enjoy the activities offered to them. Most Sundays I am sitting in a room alone, watching the service on a TV while trying to keep my children happy with snacks and small toys. Most Sundays I wonder why I still go, why I don’t stay in my pjs and watch the livestream instead of wrestling my kids into clean clothes and out the door. Most Sundays I struggle to see the point and purpose, when I barely get a hello to my friends or more than a few minutes to engage in the service without interruptions. Continue reading

Why church is hard

I know not all of you fellow moms choose to attend a place of worship on a regular basis. But for those of us that do, can we just be real for a minute? Church is hard.

If you’re a mom whose kids are old enough to head off to children’s church classes and you can sit and relax, socialize with friends, and absorb the sermon points … well, let’s just say I’m looking forward to joining your ranks someday. Continue reading