My toddler had a tantrum because …

Ready for another edition? The stories are endless of what our tyrannical little people will do, for reasons beyond our understanding.

Today my toddler cried because …

… she wanted the food on my plate, which was exactly the same as what was on hers. 

… I built him a block tower. – Lori

… I wouldn’t let her hit the dog with her wooden play broom. – Hillary

… I wouldn’t let him sit in the refrigerator and shut himself inside. – Anna

… I peeled a banana for her. – Gulay

… I wouldn’t let him keep running because I was trying to stop his bloody nose, which he got from running around the house crazy fast and then tripping and smacking his face. – Kaitlyn

… the dog can fit through the doggie door and he can’t. – Ariana

… he wanted to play outside, so we went outside. – Kristen

… he needed a new diaper and I was trying to change it. – Michelle

… I sat on the wrong spot on the couch. – Jenn

… We couldn’t go swing outside while it was hailing. – Carley

… I asked her to find Easter eggs I had hidden around the house. – Katie

… I didn’t let her use crayons as a fork. – Elisa

… I let her big brother finish her yogurt after she said she was all done. – Jessica

… I wouldn’t let her scrub the leather couches with a toilet brush. – Elizabeth

… I wouldn’t let her eat raw frozen hamburger. – Sarah

What makes your kid crazy lately?

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