Monday meals: French onion soup

I know, I know, this sounds a little intimidating. But I absolutely loooove French onion soup and was thrilled when I found this crockpot recipe. It’s not one of those you can throw in and leave the house all day, but it really doesn’t take much work.

What you’ll need:

  • six tablespoons butter
  • four large yellow onions, sliced thin
  • eight cups beef broth
  • one bay leaf
  • a couple cloves of garlic, minced
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • four to five cups of crusty bread
  • gruyere cheese, or whatever suits your fancy

Turn the crockpot to high and let the butter melt. Toss in the onions and give it a good stir so they’re well coated. Let that cook for about an hour.

Stir the onions again and put some paper towels or a dish cloth under the lid to absorb the moisture. You’ll have to change this out a few times over the next few hours. Let it cook on high for about five hours – this varies depending on your slow cooker, it might take longer. Mix things up every 45 minutes or so – more often close to the end of cooking time – making sure none of that onion deliciousness is burning. They should turn a lovely caramel color.

Remove the paper towels, turn the crockpot to low, and add the broth, bay leaf, garlic, and salt and pepper. Let that simmer for about an hour.

Switch on the broiler, and ladle the soup into oven-safe bowls. Throw the bread cubes on top and sprinkle with cheese. Broil for about three minutes, until the cheese is bubbly.

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