Attention Management For Moms

This past week I listened to an interview with Maura Thomas.

Maura has a long career in teaching individuals and businesses how to be more productive and more effective by controlling where they focus their attention.

It was obvious to see why her advice would be helpful in any work place … but as I listened to her speak, I couldn’t help but think that as a parent, this woman’s methods have a lot of wisdom to offer.

The most impacting statement I heard Maura say was,

“The ability to focus is our most valuable resource.”

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Learning Grace

It’s been a tiring couple of weeks.

I’ve finished some classes I’ve been taking, which is great, but they’ve been at the expense of my housework and regular meals.

Some days it feels like they’ve been at the expense of my kids.

It seems when mom or dad are extra busy, little people’s behaviors get out of whack. It’s probably part lack of routine and part boredom, but regardless we have all been having meltdowns. Frustrations. And exhaustion.

This is by no means in the top difficulties I’ve faced – it’s actually just a pretty normal life season – but it has had me thinking about rough patches. How we perceive them. And how we use them. Continue reading

On Change

When I was a kid, I used to feel frustrated at my parents for what I thought of as their lack of consistency in certain areas.

Looking back, I realize it was stupid little things that bothered me.

Why hadn’t I played one sport that I could excel at all through high school?
Or taken an instrument for years at a time, so that I could really master it?
Why had I hopped around from a private school, to a public school, and finally been homeschooled?
We talked often about moving when I was a kid or about my mom working. I would get used to some of my parents ideas, and then get really disappointed if the idea fell through.

I vowed to run my own family like clockwork.
Consistent schooling, consistent extracurriculars, consistent peers, consistent expectations. No confusion.

It’s all very, very laughable now.

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Purging Lesson

Today was the day. I had had enough of the clutter. Namely, my kids clutter.

(Actually, I had had enough weeks ago, but today was the first time a few free hours coincided with my frustration.)

It was too much STUFF. I’m sure you’ve been there.

Now to be fair, we live in a small space. (A very small space, if you don’t know. A 32 foot travel trailer.)

And we are a fairly big family.
(Two parents, 4 kids, 1 Doberman.)

As a result, my tolerance for “stuff” is pretty low.

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