Signs a toddler lives here

There are some surefire ways to tell that we have a toddler in the house. Here’s just a few …

1.Throwing away food
I hate to waste food, but I find myself trashing half-finished yogurts that sat on the table all day, or that last bite of cookie she dropped on the floor, or those veggies I cooked for dinner but she decided she no longer likes. Sigh. Continue reading

Why church is hard

I know not all of you fellow moms choose to attend a place of worship on a regular basis. But for those of us that do, can we just be real for a minute? Church is hard.

If you’re a mom whose kids are old enough to head off to children’s church classes and you can sit and relax, socialize with friends, and absorb the sermon points … well, let’s just say I’m looking forward to joining your ranks someday. Continue reading

All about why

I knew I wasn’t a very patient person, but since becoming a mom my impatience has been on display far too often for my liking. I’m too easily frustrated, too often driven by to-do lists.  I like a tidy house and a feeling of productivity – two things that are harder to come by with a toddler who simply wants my undivided attention most of the day.

Obviously, there are times she simply has to entertain herself; it’s an important skill to learn anyway. But too often I find myself placating her, trying to avoid her tears or end her tantrum. So I sigh, sit on the floor, and engage in play. Continue reading

‘Tis the Season

No, I’m not talking about Christmas. I’m talking about this season I’m currently in – raising a young child – and all that includes.

This is the season of teething necklaces instead of pretty pearls, staying home evenings instead of game nights with friends, more of dinner on the floor than in our stomachs. This is the season of sweeping up crumbs from the floor on a daily basis, walks pushing a stroller instead of leisurely jogs, online conversations with moms across the country instead of phone calls with as-of-yet childless friends from high school. Continue reading

They grow up too fast

“They grow up so fast, make sure you enjoy every moment.”

I must have heard this statement in a hundred variations, countless times. I just did the smile and nod thing, not really understanding.

But then I had a baby girl. And what felt like a couple weeks later, we were celebrating her first birthday. I looked at my husband and asked, “Seriously? How do we have a one-year-old?” Continue reading