Monday meals: pizza pockets

This one is definitely more labor intensive than most of the recipes we’ve been posting. I mostly wanted to try it out to see how these pizza pockets went over with my kiddos, in the hopes that I could make a batch or two on a quiet day and toss them in the freezer for quick meals on the go. Even though there’s some work involved, I think it’s worth it! They were a hit with the littles (and me too) and easier to wolf down. Continue reading

Monday meals: sweet and sour meatballs

I’m an unashamed fan of any dinner than I can throw in the slow cooker sometime in the morning and then throw onto plates whenever my kids are hungry in the evening. This is one of those meals. And an even bigger plus – it makes a great freezer meal. Just put all of the ingredients in a ziplock bag and whip out whenever you need a quick, easy, no-prep option to feed your brood.

I actually kind of like making my own meatballs, but you could just as easily use a bag of frozen for this recipes. Whatever works for you, momma! Continue reading

Monday meals: waffles

Breakfast for dinner is always a winner, right? Waffles were pretty much my favorite breakfast when I was a kid, even though we didn’t have them often.

Though some might think it a lame gift, I was thrilled when my husband bought me a waffle maker for Christmas a couple years ago so I could finally start making this deliciousness for my own children.

There’s a lot of good recipes out there, but this one has become my go-to. With oats and just a touch of brown sugar, I like to think it’s a slightly healthier option than others out there. Though I suppose it doesn’t matter how much sliced fruit I throw on top, I’m still going to drench the whole thing in pure North Country maple syrup. How could you not? Continue reading

Monday meals: tomato soup

It’s a rainy and rather dreary fall day here today. Which means it’s the perfect day for soup! There’s some great hearty autumn soup recipes out there – and we’ll probably showcase them at some point – but there’s something about tomato soup. It’s a family favorite for sure. And I especially appreciate this recipe because I can throw everything in the slow cooker and smell it simmering alllll day long. Mmm. It’s super simple, but simply delicious.  Continue reading