Monday meals: mango chicken

This is another one I can’t take any credit for. Well, to be honest, there’s very few times I’ve thrown dinner together without help from someone. Sometimes it’s lovely food bloggers, sometimes it’s what I stumbled across on Pinterest, sometimes it’s recipe cards from my mom or friends. Even with all that inspiration – or maybe because of it – I’m really not good at coming up with my own meals.  Continue reading

Introducing … Monday meals

Starting this week, we’ll have a regular feature here on Moms of NNY. Each Monday, we’ll be posting a recipe from a contributor or one submitted by a reader.

I’ve been trying to do better at meal planning, not just because it’s far easier to shop for groceries when I know exactly what I need. But it also relieves some stress, as I don’t have to constantly be thinking about what I’m going to make. Because honestly, some days I don’t want to make anything at all.  Continue reading