What Daniel Tiger taught me

You know how in every Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood episode there’s a little ditty that drives home the lesson?

Okay, so maybe you’re not as well-versed in this Mister Rogers remake show as I am, but it’s super cute. And yes, in each episode a red-sweatered Daniel Tiger learns something and conveniently has a song to help us remember it (or it just become ingrained in our brains whether we wanted it or not).

Well, there’s one that goes:

“Do your best, your best is the best for you.”

I had it stuck in my head for days after my daughter watched the show. And I realized it’s just as relevant for me as an adult and a mom as it for kids competing in sports or comparing abilities. Continue reading

Monday meals: tomato soup

It’s a rainy and rather dreary fall day here today. Which means it’s the perfect day for soup! There’s some great hearty autumn soup recipes out there – and we’ll probably showcase them at some point – but there’s something about tomato soup. It’s a family favorite for sure. And I especially appreciate this recipe because I can throw everything in the slow cooker and smell it simmering alllll day long. Mmm. It’s super simple, but simply delicious.  Continue reading

Why I love fall

Fall officially begins this weekend, and I am so excited. There, I said it.

It’s not that I don’t like summer. Or even that I’m overly obsessed with autumn. I don’t even like pumpkin anything. And I’m not one of those people that pulls out sweaters and decorates for Halloween as soon as Labor Day is over.

But I really do look forward to fall. What I love is the changing of the season.

Continue reading

Waiting for the pain

It’s a strange thing, to be eager for pain.

To be waiting for it with anticipation, not dread. Maybe a little anxiety, but not fear. It will be welcome when it comes, because there is certainty that on the other side is something glorious. The joy and wonder that is longed for is only available after the pain, by experiencing the pain. When it subsides, it will be forgotten, and what will be remembered is only the journey, the process, the incredible and miraculous result.

Therefore, I will be thrilled when labor begins. Continue reading