Why I love fall

Fall officially begins this weekend, and I am so excited. There, I said it.

It’s not that I don’t like summer. Or even that I’m overly obsessed with autumn. I don’t even like pumpkin anything. And I’m not one of those people that pulls out sweaters and decorates for Halloween as soon as Labor Day is over.

But I really do look forward to fall. What I love is the changing of the season.

After weeks of hot sunshine – which I soak up, gladly – I’m ready for cool mornings, hoodies and warm apple cider.

We’ve had morning walks to the park and afternoons being covered in sand at the beach. Now I’m ready to rake colorful leaves and watch the stars come out a little sooner.

I live in flip flops as soon as the last snow melts, but at this point I’m ready to layer socks and sneakers, or slide into my slippers when I’m lounging at home.

The girls have loved water play, bubbles and bikes outside, but I’m okay with stretching my creativity in the coming weeks and exploring some fun new ways to stay busy and learning inside.

We’ve had lazy days of barely leaving the yard, and spontaneous outings to playgrounds. Now I’m ready for a little more structure and routine, which September naturally provides.

And in a few months, I’ll be welcoming the first snowflakes, thankful for scarves and mittens and hot cocoa. And come March, I’ll be eager to see some green and feel a little more warmth from the sky.

I really don’t think I could live anywhere that didn’t have a change in the air every few months. While I usually claim spring as my favorite of the seasons, I wholeheartedly appreciate the transition between all four. Even though they are faithful from year to year, each one somehow feels fresh and new each time. It offers a chance to be refreshed, to reboot and set new priorities.

What about you? What’s your favorite season and what do you appreciate about each one?

Waiting for the pain

It’s a strange thing, to be eager for pain.

To be waiting for it with anticipation, not dread. Maybe a little anxiety, but not fear. It will be welcome when it comes, because there is certainty that on the other side is something glorious. The joy and wonder that is longed for is only available after the pain, by experiencing the pain. When it subsides, it will be forgotten, and what will be remembered is only the journey, the process, the incredible and miraculous result.

Therefore, I will be thrilled when labor begins. Continue reading

This pregnancy is not like the other

Our second child is still a few months away from arriving, and I’m already feeling guilty about the lack of attention I’m paying her – at least in comparison to the first little human I grew.

When I was pregnant with our first, I read books and blogs and forums and all the handouts from my midwife. I sat around rubbing my stomach and researching what part of the baby was developing in my womb that week. I looked forward to my appointments, when we would chat about how I was feeling and listen to the heartbeat.

It’s slightly different this time around. Continue reading